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What does the Los Angeles League do?

These are the ways the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County, ILO, serves 11 local Leagues operating in Los Angeles County and the public.

Voter Service/Citizen Education: We present unbiased nonpartisan information about county ballot measures, elections, the voting process, and other voting-related issues, and we provide Pros & Cons Training. Action/Advocacy: We also develop county positions to advocate for or against policies that affect all the residents of Los Angeles County.

Educational Forums: Our primary responsibility is to support the 11 local Leagues of Los Angeles County, but we also serve the regions' voters by offering educational forums several times a year.

Recent examples include:

 Implementing Measure H  LA County's rollout of New Voting Machines  Using Technology to improve League communications  Reducing Homelessness in Los Angeles County  Civil Discourse  Voter Outreach  How to advocate for policy positions  Pros & Cons Training Ballot Briefings: The LA County ILO, provides in-depth briefings on ballot propositions for Pros & Cons presentations and the Easy Voter Guide for county-wide elections and ballot measures.

By Phone: The LA County ILO fields numerous phone calls from individuals seeking advice on how to be effective advocates in their communities.

LA County ILO Board Members provide information on LA County issues for board directors to take back to their local Leagues to keep them informed about the county government.

Our Website -

Visit our website for these services:

 Register to Vote  Monthly Newsletter  Ballot Recommendations  Smart Voter/Voter's Edge + current election information and your ballot  Easy Voter Guide in English and Spanish

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